Seven Signs

Goran Bertok: Seven Signs

Goran Bertok presents his latest series at the Photon Gallery entitled Seven Signs, which is an apparent departure from his usual theme of the transience of the human body. Despite the seeming change of subject, he remains faithful to addressing the big questions of humanity, especially finitude. Whereas previous series focused on decay, death, and the connections between Eros and Thanatos, Bertok now focuses on the search for the eternal that materialises in the visible world. With the new series, the artist continues his preoccupation with the themes of transience and eternity, but shifts his focus beyond corporeality to the role and meaning of symbols. In doing so, he raises questions about the nature of symbols and their influence on our perception of the world. Bertok thus remains faithful to his artistic expression, but extends his research into a new field that opens up new perspectives on eternity and materiality.

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